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I am a Mommy. That fact has absorbed me for the past two years, since the birth of my son, Dominici (Dom). Reaching this point has hounded my thoughts for more than a decade. My husband and I battled infertility for eight years before we were blessed with our first miracle, Rivelino (Rivi). Unfortunately, he was born too early to live, and now he watches over us from Heaven. His little brother fills our lives with joy (and our heads with gray hair). This blog is the story of my Mommyhood.

Hometown Holidays

Today, Dom, Russell and I went to Rockville’s Hometown Holidays to watch the Memorial Day parade.  It was hot and crowded, but we barely noticed – we were too busy watching Dom watch the parade.

There were police, horses, color guards and various rescue vehicles (including a fire truck that Dom nearly ran underneath to see).  Several Boy and Girl Scout troops walked the parade route, too.  Interspersed among these groups were several cultural groups from Bolivia, dressed in brightly colored outfits and dancing traditional dances that enthralled the crowd.  Politicians smiled, shook hands, and threw candy into the crowd.

It was a beautiful parade.  My son loved it.  He danced and screamed and waved to the parade participants.  We’ll go again next year. 

But I was left slightly annoyed with my fellow attendees.  There were several groups of veterans in the parade, and they barely received any notice from the crowd.  Each time they passed, Dom waved his American flag while we clapped.  But nobody else bothered.  The kids were more interested in the free candy, and their parents were too busy chatting with each other.  I might offend someone here…but Memorial Day should be about those veterans.  And it’s a sad day in America when a Boy Scout troop gets a standing ovation while a group of military heroes is ignored.

To add to my annoyance (did you think I was done?), there was a man selling a cart full of cheap toys.  He blocked all views of the parade as he marched up and down the parade route, enticing kids to spend Mommy and Daddy’s money on crap that wouldn’t last a week.  On the way home, we were stuck on a road behind somebody who had just taken advantage of a mattress company’s Memorial Day sale.

It all left me with a sour taste in my mouth.  Apparently, our heroes died for people’s right to buy stuff instead of honoring them today.  That’s sad, but I guess that’s what freedom is.

Thank you to all who have served our country and protected this freedom. 



j. lilith said:

i am 100% with you md mom!  people often forget the true meanings behind certain days and events... it's more than a day off from work/school.  it is meant to honor those vets who did fight for our freedom, not for our complacency.

May 27, 2008 10:29 PM [Delete]

Tamara said:

Hit the nail on the head!!  I really do think it's sad when the point is missed!!

May 28, 2008 12:07 PM [Delete]

AFuzzyLop said:

Thank you for caring.  I feel that way too.

I thank God that vendors are not allowed at our parade and it is run by the veteran's organization so it still has the veterans at the core.  

I also thank God that everyone still claps and stands out of respect.

May 28, 2008 6:41 PM [Delete]

Panzer said:

Thank you Viv. I couldn't agree with you more. I did my time in and would do it again. My thanks to all who served and still do as well. A special rememberance to my cousin who was killed in Iraq on January 26, 2005 and to the others who gaves their lives through the years for our Freedom. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

June 8, 2008 6:26 PM [Delete]

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