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I am a Mommy. That fact has absorbed me for the past two years, since the birth of my son, Dominici (Dom). Reaching this point has hounded my thoughts for more than a decade. My husband and I battled infertility for eight years before we were blessed with our first miracle, Rivelino (Rivi). Unfortunately, he was born too early to live, and now he watches over us from Heaven. His little brother fills our lives with joy (and our heads with gray hair). This blog is the story of my Mommyhood.

Chocolatey Goodness

Just before bedtime tonight, I changed Dom’s diaper.  Just as I usually do.  And just as I usually do, I took off the legs of his sleeper to pull them out of the way.  That is when something very unusual happened.

As I pulled the legs of the sleeper skyward, a veritable cascade of objects poured out of them.  Raisins, organic candy-covered chocolates and Matchbox cars rained down on Dom where he laid waiting for a diaper change.  I waited a moment, trying to think of a way to phrase the question in my mind.  Basically, Why?  I mean, I know that Dom can take his clothes off.  I know that he can undo and redo zippers easily.  But why in the world would he stuff the legs of his clothes full of goodies?  One would think that it would be pretty uncomfortable – smooshy from the chocolate candy and painful from the pointy cars.

Dom’s reaction was one of pure glee.  “Ooh – cars!  Chocolate!”  He popped a half-melted candy into his mouth while driving a car over his navel.  “In belly!  In belly!”

I ran a bath to remove the chocolatey goodness and raisiny stickiness.  While Dom splashed in the bubbles, craning upside down to see his bellybutton, I finally asked him.  I simply asked, “Why did you put everything into your pants?”

He gave me a simple answer.  “No pockets, Mommy.”  Ah…okay, then.

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Julie said:

Yeah, silly mommy, no pockets!

I LOLed at your story, and DH asked what was so funny, so I read it to him.  He says you should write! ;)

January 24, 2009 8:17 AM [Delete]

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