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  • Snakes.... Unfortunately, Not on a Plane

    My daughter, Audra, is not one to get easily scared. She’s a pretty tough kid. So, when, I heard a scream of absolute terror erupt from her lips yesterday afternoon, I knew something was wrong. “Daddy! Daddy! There’s a snake in the house! A real live snake!!!!” I was hoping…...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Fri, Oct 8 2010
  • Growing Up: Must We Really?

    All Children grow up. It’s practically a fact. For a while this is a good thing. From ages 0 to about 5 you’re really excited that your kid is growing up. First they learn to sit up and then walk, and then talk and then (thank heavens) poop in the potty.. They make friends and tell you that...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Wed, Oct 6 2010
  • See You Letter!

    My daughter is one of the more thoughtful 7 year olds you are ever likely to meet, which is nice, considering she is also one of the more self-involved 7 years olds you are ever likely to meet. If she can not convince some poor adult to be her audience as she dances, sings, emotes and channels the love...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Fri, Jun 25 2010
  • National Problematic Radio

    I was running a little late, but I was still on time. I had all three kids loaded into the van and we were driving Audra up to the bus stop. I just needed to get her on the bus by 8:40, and then drive Asher 15 minutes to the preschool in Bowie by 9:00, and then take Micah with me for a morning of errands...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Mon, Jun 7 2010
  • The Talent Machine

    A few summers ago I was at the mall, pushing my kids in a stroller and I saw a big sign for: “The Talent Machine!” The talent machine, as you almost certainly have not guessed, is some kind of very low budget summer camp that focuses on the performing arts. We walked a little farther and...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Thu, Apr 15 2010
  • Dancing Queen, Young and Sweet, Only Seven….

    We all have dreams for our children –talents that we hope they will develop, qualities that we believe will help them in life. For some parents, they might hope that their children gain the mental acuity to become doctors, or perhaps the athletic prowess to win a gold medal. I have many dreams...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Tue, Mar 2 2010
  • As Seen on TV

    I recognize that commercials are a necessary evil. I enjoy TV. My kids enjoy TV. It’s a, generally, positive thing in our life. And I understand that to pay for the TV, there has to be commercials (this doesn’t really explain my cable bill, but we’re going to let that go for the moment...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Thu, Oct 8 2009
  • Killer, Diller, Chiller, Thriller Step Ball Change

    So, let me ask you: Do you like to Dance? Do you miss the 80s? Have you been mourning the passing of the King of Pop? Have you ever wanted to break a Guinness World Record? Are you a fan of the undead? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I know what you should be doing on October 24th...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Mon, Sep 28 2009
  • Adopting Miss Kenzie

    I wasn’t quite sure we were ready. I knew after our beloved Golden Retriever, Minnie, passed away from pancreatic cancer last January that I didn’t want to go right out and get another dog. I knew that at some point we would bring another dog into our life, but I just wasn’t sure when...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Thu, Sep 24 2009
  • I Am 6 Going on 17

    My daughter, Audra turned 7 last Saturday. But somehow it seemed like less a birthday party for a seven year old, and more a final farewell to childhood. For the weeks (months!) leading up to her birthday, Audra talked nonstop (as usual) about the kind of party she wanted. She said she wanted a High...
    Posted to Better Off Dad (Weblog) by superdad on Tue, Sep 22 2009
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